Matcha Chocolate Monaka Review

My Matcha Chocolate Monaka Story

Short story: A few weeks ago, we wanted to go around Korea town for a taste of their BBQ. We ended up at a small Korean supermarket in Wilshire Center. It is called Zion Market. Scouring at the frozen section, we saw this cute dessert on a small corner. Matcha Chocolate Monaka Green Tea Flavor. We got curious and purchased two packs.

I devoured the first pack since my husband was driving. I could not wait to get home to try it. On the label, it says Japanese Traditional Ice Sandwich dessert. Green tea flavor. The packaging is unique and interesting. I removed the plastic pack. Carefully examine the ice cream. Took some photos. Devour the treat.

matcha chocolate monaka

The composition of the ice cream surprised me. Inside the crispy thin waffle covers the matcha ice cream coated in chocolate. It was very delicious and refreshing. Creamy and made me wanting for more. The matcha is hearty and robust.

I did not like the astringency of the matcha. It was too strong for me. I did not get to sleep around 4 in the morning!  It changed my entire sleeping plan! Same for my husband. We had to make up for another day to return back to our sleeping cycle.

I like the combination of the chocolate and matcha. I just hope it has more chocolate in it. Or a much thicker coating. I love chocolate. My husband loves the ice cream. He thought of buying more. He ended up buying a different ice cream since driving to the market takes 45 minutes to reach.

I rate this product from 1 to 10 based on the flavor, taste, and presentation where 1 is bad and 10 is good. The verdict is 9. We both find it different since it was our first time to relish the matcha ice cream. Personally, this product gives you enough energy throughout the day. Unique experience. Great product. I would recommend this anyone.



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