Ceremonial Grade Matcha Teaologists UK

Here is some information about the company:

Company: Teaologists UK
Product type: Ceremonial Grade Matcha
Year Established: 2016
Type: Usucha (Thin)
Location: United Kingdom
Flavor Rating: 9/10
Aroma Rating: 9/10
Color Rating: 9/10
Taste Rating: 9/10

Ceremonial grade matcha tea is being compared to kitchen or cooking grade. There is a huge difference. Ceremonial matcha tea is rich in taste. Try to compare superior, premium and ceremonial matcha tea together. They are not the same in the taste, flavor, and color. Even with the price.

ceremonial grade matcha
ceremonial grade matcha

There is also a difference when a product says ceremonial organic grade than the ceremonial grade. I considered where the powder came from since this is my first ceremonial grade that can be made into Koicha or Usucha drink. Great for people who want to change their coffee routine to matcha tea. I started with a premium grade of Koicha matcha tea. Though, I love my first matcha tea compared to the ceremonial grade matcha.

I purchased the sample of 5g for the price of £5. Now I check again, they change it and it’s less than $5. Hurrah! (Update: They do not offer samples as of August 2017) Matcha tea beginners who want to try matcha tea should be on the look out for samples. In case, your taste buds do its choosing for you. You may not anticipate the taste of it at the beginning. You will love it once you consumed all of it.

This product is one of their best sellers. The reason I bought their sample. I opened it and smelled the bursting aroma. It smelled good. I made a simple drink without whisking it. Check the picture above. The tea is rich, aromatic and smooth. It has warm notes to it. Personally, it is delicious, sweet and worth drinking over and over again. The great thing about drinking matcha tea is that it gives you the relaxing feeling you want. I like this matcha tea.


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