Caffé Bene: Matcha Drink Review

caffe bene matcha tea

My Caffé Bene Story

One day, I wanted to be somewhere and my husband wants to study for his classes. We went to several coffee shops over the weekend and found ourselves in the downtown area. It took us an hour to get around and decided on Caffé Bene.

It was not my first time to visit this cafe. He took me here one time. We did not linger long enough to buy something to eat. We were just there for the sightseeing. This time, we sat, we eat and got serious. The parking was not great. We have to go twice the cafe area to get a good spot.

We were both tired and hungry. It was past lunch. We saw few people inside since it was summer. I was relieved and happy that it was not crowded. Unlike the last time we visited. Caffé Bene was dense with students. I took the most comfortable spot. He ordered food and drinks.

He requested that I order the hot matcha tea latte. I wanted to try it. My husband has been bragging about this cafe from day one. He has been telling me all the good food and drinks. I tried, I sip and enjoyed it! It was very good. Delicious and nutritious matcha drink.

I would rate it 10. The aroma of the matcha tea makes me happy. The matcha and the milk were well-blended. Not too sweet. Not too bitter. Well-balanced and well-made. I could not say anything more. It made my day. No words can explain how good the matcha latte is.

I fancy the environment of Caffé Bene. The arrangement seems big enough to occupy large crowd. The mini garden was interesting. Both of us were having a good time. It was a good place for studying and meeting people.





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