Bourbon Matcha Crunch Review

Bourbon Matcha Crunch product is made from Japan. I tasted this candy a few months and I find it really good. A company called Bourbon makes this delicious snack. I checked their website and it has the Japanese and English version. It is a good sign that this product came from a legitimate company that has quality standards.

This chocolate treat is crunchy and tasty. No wonder they call it matcha crunch. The thick chocolate cover makes this unique to someone who wants to enjoy matcha and chocolate at the same time. Someone like me! Kids would love this Bourbon matcha crunch because it’s delectable.

Inside it is a matcha flavored creme with rice crispies. Matcha filling covered with rice crispies and chocolate finish will definitely want it for more. I love matcha and chocolate too. The best of both worlds on a candy. I could not ask for anything more.

If you’re concern about snacking and the calories associated with it. It has only 30 kcal for one chocolate serving. Not too bad. The ingredients are artificial and contain milk, nuts, wheat, and soybeans. Sounds commercial thought it would not harm you just try it. This snack is great for anyone. Snack in moderation.

I mean there are a lot of snacks that have matcha filling. You got to try this one. I don’t have really an idea where to find this snack since it was given to me. I can’t give you a sample since it ran out. I saw some sites that sell the product. Try Amazon. It doesn’t have a lot of reviews and it is out of stock. Try to read the labels first before digging in. Not every package has natural flavors. For people who are allergic to nuts. This chocolate crunch may not be for you.


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