Baristas Best Matcha Drink

I bought this instant Baristas Best Matcha drink at 7/11 store because I got curious how Matcha tea would taste in a preserve drink. When I tasted it, the matcha tea flavor was there. Although it was too sweet because of added sugar, lactose, and sucrose. I thought consuming it would be healthy. I was looking at the nutrition facts and the ingredients at the back. I realize since they added some special sweeteners, artificial flavors, and milk which made the taste really good. It was not natural in a way that I would like it.

Baristas Best Matcha Drink

I drank the whole bottle, I felt it was too commercial. I love the Matcha tea flavor added on the drink. Overall, this drink fell short on the natural level and its sweetness. Personally, this could have been a really good drink without too much sugar in it. I feel this drink is good for teenagers not for someone experiencing sugar issues. They must have made this drink specifically for the younger demographics. For people who really love the sweet instant matcha drink, you will love this. Otherwise, if you are the type who doesn’t like too much sugar. Just take it easy on this drink.

Honestly, this Baristas Best Matcha drink is not good for people who want to go natural. It’s a bottled drink preserve for people who want to drink on the go and made to last longer on the shelf. Practically, I preferred the natural matcha without too much sugar and additives. If you want a natural drink, try Koicha¬†(thick) or Usucha (thin) matcha tea from credible sources from Japan. You can find them online. Check for reviews before you buy them. Otherwise, you will end up buying the wrong product. Do your research and learn how the Japanese prepare and drink matcha for tea ceremony practices.



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