Bourbon Matcha Crunch Review

Bourbon Matcha Crunch product is made from Japan. I tasted this candy a few months and I find it really good. A company called Bourbon makes this delicious snack. I checked their website and it has the Japanese and English version. It is a good sign that this product came from a legitimate company that has quality standards.

This chocolate treat is crunchy and tasty. No wonder they call it matcha crunch. The thick chocolate cover makes this unique to someone who wants to enjoy matcha and chocolate at the same time. Someone like me! Kids would love this Bourbon matcha crunch because it’s delectable.

Inside it is a matcha flavored creme with rice crispies. Matcha filling covered with rice crispies and chocolate finish will definitely want it for more. I love matcha and chocolate too. The best of both worlds on a candy. I could not ask for anything more.

If you’re concern about snacking and the calories associated with it. It has only 30 kcal for one chocolate serving. Not too bad. The ingredients are artificial and contain milk, nuts, wheat, and soybeans. Sounds commercial thought it would not harm you just try it. This snack is great for anyone. Snack in moderation.

I mean there are a lot of snacks that have matcha filling. You got to try this one. I don’t have really an idea where to find this snack since it was given to me. I can’t give you a sample since it ran out. I saw some sites that sell the product. Try Amazon. It doesn’t have a lot of reviews and it is out of stock. Try to read the labels first before digging in. Not every package has natural flavors. For people who are allergic to nuts. This chocolate crunch may not be for you.

Maccha Uji No Sato

I purchased this Maccha Uji No Sato from Maiko Japan Online Store. I made a regular drink without whisking it. What you need to know about Uji No Sato is a thin or usucha type of matcha tea. With its name Uji, it refers to the region it came from Uji, Kyoto Western Honshu Japan.  This is a superior type of matcha “maccha” tea.

In Japan, they call it Maccha & not Matcha. Long before maccha was introduced as a healthy beverage to countries like the USA and Europe. Maccha is commonly used in Japan and soon was changed into Matcha. The spelling is different though the pronunciation is the same. Most people use Uji type of Matcha Tea for ceremony practice.

Japanese creates different terms and varieties for the matcha they make so nothing is the same. The matcha that I bought is organic. It does not cost much to try this type of matcha. Matcha for tea ceremonies at Tea Houses is expensive and sometimes hard to find. They are regulated by Tea Masters who are certified from level I-IV recommends the flagship products for use.

Maccha Uji No Sato is the good tea for you to drink and enjoy. It is refreshing, aromatic and light. Overall, I like this tea. I gave it a rating on 8/10. The quality of the Uji No Sato is good. I like Uji for drinking. I can tell the tea leaves used to make this tea are slightly old. Stone grind and machine grind matcha tea even have its own differences when it comes to their taste, texture, and color. That is what I learned throughout my journey.

You may find other matcha tea quite expensive. Uji No Sato is a good way to start your matcha tea experience. If you are at the experimental stage, I suggest you buy this type of matcha tea.


Kyoto Direct Shizuku Organic Matcha Review

Kyoto Direct Shizuku Organic Matcha

Kyoto Direct Shizuku Organic Matcha from Japan is created to be different from the rest. First, it is an organic matcha. They have different kinds as what you can see on the images. Standard, Premium, Deluxe, High Grade and Supreme. Let me tell you the differences of each kind.


Kyoto Direct Shizuku Organic Matcha Standard, a good Usucha tea great for everyday drink and practice ceremony. I open the sachet and like what I smell. Made a simple matcha shot and whisk it for a minute. I was not impressed with the taste. The astringency of the matcha is strong. It was too organic for my taste. I would give it a rating of 6/10.

Kyo Direct Shizuku Organic Standard Matcha

Kyoto Direct Shizuku Organic Matcha Premium, one of the best tasting matcha from the product line. The powder smells good and fresh. After the product pictorial, I drink it all up. The taste was sweet and there is less astringency. It has a rich texture to it. I would rate it 10/10.

Kyo Direct Shizuku Organic Premium Matcha

Kyoto Direct Shizuku Organic Matcha Deluxe, this matcha is strong. The texture, after I whisk, become smooth and creamy. I love the texture. What I did not like about this type is the strong after taste and its leaves a slightly bitter taste on my tongue. I would rate it 8/10.

Kyo Direct Shizuku Organic Deluxe Matcha

Kyoto Direct Shizuku Organic Matcha High-Grade, this tea is great for tea ceremony practice. It is slightly sweet with medium astringency levels. It has a strong after taste which I did not drink it all up. I would rate it 8/10.

Kyo Direct Shizuku Organic High-Grade Matcha

Kyoto Direct Shizuku Organic Matcha Supreme. I have high expectations for this tea. I was disappointed with the taste. The tea is bold and aromatic. It has a strong finish and has medium astringency levels. The texture is smooth. I would recommend this for a tea ceremony. Not my favorite kind. I would rate this tea from Kyoto Direct 8/10.

Kyo Direct Shizuku Organic Supreme Matcha

Please take note the rating used in this post where 1 means poor and 10 means excellent.

Kappa Matcha Tea Review

My kappa matcha tea review based on this matcha from Japan. My sister gave it to me last year. It is a different matcha. It has a roasted smell when you open it. I expected the same smell just like the others. I was so surprised.

I took some photos of the product packaging. Also my drink. Yay! This is the second time my sister brought me another kind of matcha. I was excited to check if this is the same match she purchased last Christmas. The next thing I did was to make my usual drink. This time I have my whisk with me. I served two teaspoons of powder in my bowl. Pour in a little bit of hot water then whisk it. While whisking it, nutty smell of the steam evaporates.  I check the color its dark green. Pretty good for a matcha tea.

I tasted my tea. All good. It is very rich, nutty and has a roasted smell. I would say not all matcha are created equal. My sister’s fiancée told me before that every tea house in Japan has their own flavors. That’s a fact. I thought they were all the same. It’s not.

Do not expect that the matcha manufactured from Japan have the same standards, flavor, and quality to it. I would say the best ones are created by the monks. The first matcha she brought for me was created by the monks.
Overall, I would rate this 8/10 for flavor and texture. For the color and smell, it’s 9/10. The packaging is cute and in Japanese. So it’s hard for me to understand it. At the back, they provided a large site information which is great for you to buy their matcha tea online. You can check the site online and see what else they offer.

kappa matcha tea review